Wednesday, August 29, 2007


For the past month I've been obsessed with this Neo-Geo game called Super DodgeBall/Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu. It's, easily, the best dodgeball game ever because it uses the Capcom/SNK 2-D fighter configurations of half circle forwards and backwards for super shots and deflect shots.

The computer is ruthless and there's no way you can get past the 2nd level unless you perform the special moves.

The bottom photo is a screen shot of the final boss team(on the right) which took me over a month to get to. I was so happy to finally get to them but I got smoked! My computer froze after I lost 5 matches in a row and I was so disgusted I couldn't even look at the game for 2 days.

This morning I jumped back in and rolled my way up to the boss team again. I tried everything to win just to see the ending. Mostly I kept trying to win by getting a lead then backing off and stalling, praying time would run out. But the boss team leader would switch forms in the final 30 seconds and, literally, start dropping the ball on my head obliterating me. So I tried something different.

I gave 100% the whole time from start to finish. When I got ahead I didn't back off and coast but went in full-boar with bad intentions. Every time I got the urge to stall I went in like a maniac balls flyin' everywhere. Then the leader switched forms...BOOM! Supershot on his big head! It was over. I was ecstatic but drained.

A few good risks, a few bad risks and nothing but complete heart. Sometimes that's all it takes.


black lantern said...

awww yeah! 2-d fighter controls! that's awesome!gotta check that game out! and good lesson. ;)

jacky said...

LOL "maniac balls flying everywhere" ohhhh you and your video games...oy...glad you won tho. :)

Kei Phillips said...

these are very cool!

also on the comment u left me, i dont think the nudes would be a good toy for children, maybe adults! :D hehehe thanks for ur kind words!

Anonymous said...


jupey krusho said...

I felt peace, Mr./Mrs. Anon. I saw a heartwarming ending about why the Boss Leader hated dodgeball so much and wanted to erase it from the face of the Earth. yet-tah!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. At least you didn't feel jipped. Thats the worst when you work so hard to beat something, you see the ending, and feel like, "THATS IT? ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME?" So congrats on your conquest!

-Mr. Anon