Thursday, August 2, 2007


A few of my current psycho loves! Can you identify the items marked 1-9? To make it easier you don't have to name the character but from what property it's from. Send your answers to Good luck!


team power!? said...

I know what number 3 is cuz we kicked some butt in Mario Kart last week! TEAM POWER!

Angela M. said...

The BONUS is c.o. bigelow lip balm from bath & body works! metrosexual alert! Oh wait...I bought you your first one. hee hee SORRY!

yuki o said...

too lazy to send
1. grapper baki(you never shut up about that figure!)
3.nintendo ds.
4.gloomy bear.
5.wan room
6.mario bros!
7.doremon idea
9.deko beko friends(you never shut up about that either!)

that's 8 out of 9!

jupey krusho said...

BAH! you didn't even get the easiest one Yuki! you even gave me #8 don'tcha remember?! PRIZE DENIED! :)

yuki o said...

SGT FROG!!! SGT FROG!!!! LOL! that little green bastard. GIMME GIMME!

jeremy said...

LOL @ the ricola in there. they are good tho! i like those crayons