Friday, March 19, 2010


Head on over to the jupey krusho contest at Puricute to win some jupey krusho goodies!


kiki said...

so cool! congrats!!!

gen said...

i am so there! hope i win! *crosses fingers*

mia said...

oo i never got a fixxy boo boo wallet! i thought u were out of those??? i better win it!!! ^_^

akiko said...

ha! i'm already a member of puricute and i applied! hope i win! so proud you!

That Girl said...

I love Puricute! It's so cool to finally know the artist behind some of the wonderful stickers there! :3

Thanks for sponsoring the contest!

jupey krusho said...

kiki - thanks! ;)

gen - hope you won! if not this time maybe next? :)

mia - i AM out of FBB wallets...they got those last year so they got the last of em! :(

akiko - thanks! hope you got something :)

that girl - aww thanks making em is so fun! glad ppl enoy them