Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The show was great on Saturday - a great lively crowd and I sold some pieces! Here are some pix from the weekend:


ako said...

great show! was really fun! loved your work. looking forward to next one

janice said...

gorgeous sketches!! amazing!!!

yuki said...

love em all!!! i want that one with the girl on the tigerhead!!! so cool!

billy said...

awesome! congrats, great stuff man

kiki said...

great energy to these! like style a lot!

jupey krusho said...

ako - thx! was great to see you! i think june 12th is the next gig

janice - thx much!

yuki - haha t'anx. that one is sold :(

billy - thanks - hope you're staying warm(ish) in the midwest! ;)

kiki - almost as energetic as u? ^_^